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Thursday, September 9, 2010

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Thomas Herding Technique
Discovering the Communicated Equine

The Magic Within

A View from the Hoof

A book by Kerry M. Thomas with Calvin L. Carter

I would like to take a moment to introduce you to my book which, for me, is the culmination of an eclectic-style research of the psychology of the horse.

The book takes the reader on a journey of discovery of the intimate drama of life in the equine circle. Along the way, you get to see what a view from the hoof is like as I delve into the developing mind of the horse and its Behavioral Genetics which is measured by a term I refer to as Emotional Conformation. The esoteric information within the emergent properties of the equine psychology, behavior, influences every aspect of its life from breeding to training, pre-purchasing, and even a horse’s adoptability. I truly believe that you have to nurture the horse before you develop the athlete.

True horsemanship is the act of managing fear, while providing comfort.

Is your horse hitting the wall? Your equine athlete may be physically fit, but still seemingly aloof and disinterested. Physically fit but mentally bored is a serious but very common issue. Mental Fitness is your key to ultimate success but is perhaps one of the most underutilized aspects of horsemanship.

“Indeed, genetics, alone, is not the determining factor for success or failure. But, rather, it is the mind of the horse that is in complete control of the will and, thus, performance, on and off the racetrack. This makes it very clear that while physical ability is important, the mental capacity of the equine controls the physical output of the athlete…”

Whether you are a breeder, trainer, casual rider, or just a human who loves horses, your deeper understanding of the minute intricacies of this rather private, but social animal is crucial for its health and well being. Within the pages of this book, it is my hope to take you on a journey inside the magic that is within the spirit of the horse.


Kerry M. Thomas, Founder of the Thomas Herding Technique

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